Thursday, June 4, 2015

Day 35- #90daysofblogging

Today is the day after my birthday and I had a nice day.  We didn't do anything,  but chill and relax.
I did get a Windows Tablet PC and I ordered a new phone, should be delivered sometime today.  It's called the Galaxy Prevail. The tablet is by windows, its not the best.. but it allows me to get online.. without always being on my phone and it allows me to do better and keep up with my blog post.  ::crossing fingers::  I also got a big load of  laser cut chippies from Gina's Designs to create with. It wasn't a birthday present. but it was a great to receive it on my birthday,

Today WE.. My mom, Aunt Pat, Brook and myself are going out. We are going to Elgin's Lady Victoria Casino... for LUNCH!   I have Brook, so no gambling for me!  It won't be overly crowded and Brook can have all the pizza she wants and stuff.  She will enjoy it I hope.  I will enjoy watching her.  Anyway, better be off, we have a ways to drive and we are all hungry.

Don't forget to say hi to my friends, doing the #90daysofblogging too

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  1. Hope BK enjoyed her pizza, what a fun place to go to lunch for your birthday!