Saturday, June 20, 2015

Day 51- #90daysofblogging

Had fun doing another double journal page.  I should be doing so many other things, but here I am again, creating something fun.. for me.  I started out laying down some color with my Design Memory Craft Gelatos.  I activated and blended the color with my finger/baby wipe.  e careful using a wet wipe, you can wipe off more color then you intend.  Sometimes I have some out.. that have some what dried, but contain enough moisture to activate and move the product.  I stamped with some archival ink. and as that dried.. and added some more blues, purple and a little black to create a night time sky.  Added color to my flowers with some Big Brush Pitt Pens and rubbed them into the paper because the ink can move for the first 5 seconds.  Did some splatter with some watered down gesso, to give the illusion of stars in the sky.  Then I decided I wanted my flowers to looked like they had been visited by fairies and i added some Glass Bead glitter Gel to parts of the flowers and again in the night sky.. to give  a twinkling affect.  Well here it is... 

It's sooo much prettier in person.  I do say thought I like my camera on this new phone a lot more then my old phone.  Here is a short flip.. working the courage to do something different soon.. 

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  1. I need me some of that glass bead gel!! Love the pages!