Monday, June 1, 2015

Day 32- #90daysofblogging

Huge Happy Mail day.. I got things in the mail from Dede (Inkwell), My swaps from Artful Mail Group swap partners in a water color ATC swap and a pocket letter, from my first pen pal in pocket letter pal groupies also came.  My phone is broken and I neglected to charge my cameras for photo sharing purposes.  I will share soon though.

I also decided in the middle of the night to go through my craft storage bins.. I have dozens of them.. ::sigh::  I will try to do like 3 a day.  Until I have gotten rid of all I can't give away or sell.  Found a lot of cards I had made in the past and boy has my style evolved.  I found some stickers I can add to my pocket letters.. and some some bags to load up some sequins.  I think I am kinda iffy about the whole washi tape thing.. I think my washi is super cheap..  ::laughs::  I wouldn't try to pass this on!!  I found some ribbon I would never use which is cool and some small stamps from the $1 bins, I never used.  Maybe someone can use them? Would be cool on an ATC I suppose.

Anyway, just a note.. because I have over 50 more days of doing this.. ::laughs::  It's coming along I suppose.  I can't wait to show you my picture I did.  I uploaded it to IG on my moms phone.  Forgot to send it to myself on FB Messenger or email.. Oh wait.. I can print screen and share. ::tee hee::

When I created this picture I collage some random papers and added a layer of gesso. I then added like 3-4 colors of Design Memory Craft Gelatos.  I then went over it with clear gesso.  Then I added Deco Art acrylics and smudged the paint where needed.  Framed it with gelatos along the edges.  I love the texture and the paint colors that come through on this piece. ::smiles::  Would love to do more like these. Anyway, talk with ya soon.. Gotta roll.. I think this daughter of mine smells when I am on her computer an comes running, even if she has been asleep!

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  1. You better remember to charge that camera girlfriend!! Love the collage piece, and hey...come on over here and organize me too!