Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Day 40- #90daysofblogging

Today I created an awesome double page in my Dylusions journal.  Again with no protective center or bleed through of products.  I laid down some color with my Dylusions paints and moved the color around with a slightly moist baby wipe.  I usually take my wipes out I anticipate using and let them air dry a bit, so they don't pull off as much color as they would if they they were freshly pulled.  Ten I used my Deco Art Media Line Matte Medium to adhere the magazine image to my page.  I also covered the page and the other page as well.. I adhered some colorful tissue papers to that side.  Once again covering the tissue paper as well..   Then I worked on my magazine face.  I can draw decent faces, even though my images may not look like the original person, ::laughs::  You still recognize that it's a real person. I have problems with learning to paint them.  I lack, shade, dimension, facial structure/curvatures.  I am working on that though.  by doing projects like these.  I took out some Deco Art Multi Surface Satin   Acrylics in Tuxedo Black and Cotton Ball..   Yes I only used 2 colors.
I laid down some white in the lightest areas and then the black in the darkest areas.  Blending in multiple shades of grays to pull them all together.  I actually love how it turned out.  Then I took those same colors and after making to odd ball shapes exposing the tissue paper print and colors.. and trying my attempt at muting those same colors..  Then I doodled with a white Design Memory Craft Artist Brush Pitt Pen and outlined with a Sakura Identipen - What is he going to do?  The choice is his.  This image to me is of a black man deep in thought.. It's mysterious to me to wonder what is he thinking about so deeply.  Is he wondering what his connection to the universe is.  What will he tell his son who is black?  Is he living the life GOD has chosen for him to the fullest? Is GOD pleased? What to eat for dinner? Will Jordan make a come back?  Who shot Biggie?  How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop? ::giggles a little)


  1. Very in depth thoughts you man is having.. Great work on this it looks awesome.

  2. How many licks does it take........LMAOOOO You did a wonderful, fantastic job on your face!!! Holy Cow, I love it. ANd day 40? Man I need to catch up.

  3. This is amazing and he does look like he is in deep thought..... Great job on shading..