Monday, June 8, 2015

Day 39- #90daysofblogging

Yea I know we probably shouldn't eat fast foods and for once in my life..   An image of the fry has been ruined, for as long as I can possibly hold this image in my head.  Have you ever seen anything more disgusting???  I went with my mom, aunt and Brook to White Castles for Brook.  I decided to get a some chili cheese fries.  I planned on having a few, then throwing them away.  No one else in my house likes them but me.. I can do without them.  Any who.. the guy didn't read back the order.. so when we got to the window  and he was asked to repeat the order, he mentioned the wrong fries..   Any who, come to find out the didn't have the chili.  Very upset and not wanting them to jack up my food, we accepted the jalapeno cheese fries and just left.  When I passed Brook her fries to snack on I looked at this box of cheese fries.  My box was so wet if I had waited.. it would possibly soaked thru the bottom of the box and paper bag!  I had to see what was so wet!  This is what they gave to me.  Do you see this?  I literally felt as though I had to vomit.. it was just stuck.  The dry heaves .. the sweats.. and a sour stomach came on suddenly as if I had eaten them.  I think the vision ruined my whole day and demeanor. I was just flabbergasted that anyone would think this is ok.. Well they lost me.  Takes a lot to disgust me.. Well mission accomplished!!  I can't believe they think folks are suppose to want to eat anything like that.  Ok.. RANT  over.. for the moment.

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