Sunday, June 14, 2015

Day 45- #90daysofblogging

Who knew I would even get this far?  I am halfway through my personal challenge for 90 days of blogging.  My friend Sharon taught me early in the #90 days shouldn't have to mean 90 days straight.  Life can and normally does get in the way.  I find that that is ok.  The thing is to get back in gear and blog some more and more frequently.  To be honest before this challenge I probably would have done a whole year worth of blogging and may NOT have reached the 90 post mark ::smiles::  This challenge is starting a new routine and creating a habit.  A positive habit.  I have always read I am suppose to be a writer when i use to take personality test. I use to think did they mean drawer instead and I always laugh it off, but I always find myself writing.. even when it's just a short passage and it doesn't kill me. ::smiles::

(expressing a little thanks)

I would first of all like to thank my artsy circle of friends who joined me from the beginning on this journey of 90days of blogging..  Sandee Setliff, who blogs like she is taking a  deep breath and exhaling. Thank you!  THANKS for pushing me, when I get slowish ::chuckles::  and being that person constantly winding that key and telling me YOU CAN DO IT!

Sharon Estes, who also jumped in and said.. you know.. this goal is possible. But I am going to write my own rules and get there the best way I know how.  More consistent posting, and I am sure not gonna beat myself up about if it doesn't get done daily!  Little does she know.. it's one of the reasons I haven't quit. Reminding myself daily, to do it and not feel bad if LIFE outside my pc delays me a little.

Vicki Ann, who like Sandee blogs like it's second nature and gets it done.  She also keeps going even more frequently than before.. to help support me on this little endeavor.  Thank you for being voice that reminds me, not to forget to play between posts ::laughs:: Do something fun and you will find it easy to talk about it on your blog.  I could probably type even more than I do, but I won't push it

Donna ::laughs::  Donna feels my struggle!  We motivate each other to stay on track. She reminds me, it's not a job and no one gives a damn what we say here.  She makes me laugh too!  They all do, but Donna the most.  This experience has far less painful the I wanted to believe,


  1. woooooowhooooooo ! & a ^5 & a <3 & another ^5 you have reached the top of the mole hill, now all you need to do is meander down this other side.


  2. If this is a double delete I think I said something about being proud of everyone for at least trying, That it can be difficult, but it's a great habit to get into. Also, I enjoy reading about the little things, the artsy things, the little life things of my friends!