Sunday, September 28, 2014

Road to Radiance Day 5- Kylie Fowler :)

Learn more about the Road to Radiance here.. :)

Day 4s artist is Kylie Fowler.  She is the one I know least about.. :(  From what I gather from her style though. I like her lots.  She does rather whimsical characters, but they seem to be more trendy.  More here and now.  I like her use of colors.. as I saw in her fairy god mother post from Lifebook.  I also like the portraits that she does in general.  She is now one of the folks I know everyone needs to watch.. :)

Here's Kylie's Bio

Screen Shot 2014-09-27 at 10.29.26 AMWorking in a variety of styles, using various media, Kylie Fowler is a portrait and mixed media artist, illustrator and art instructor, with a fascination with the face, particularly the eyes.  The old adage ‘The eyes are the windows to the soul’ certainly resonates with Kylie, as her level of connectedness to each artwork is determined by the eyes.
In addition to selling her artwork in her online shop, ‘Blissful Pumpkin’ Kylie also keeps busy with commissions, both in portraiture and whimsical mixed media, and is in the planning stages of establishing her own online classes, and upcoming collaborative classes, all of which will be shared in due course.
Kylie’s work and activities can be followed at: Blog | Facebook | Flickr Gallery

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Learn more about the Road to Radiance here.. :)

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