Saturday, September 27, 2014

Road to Radiance Day 4- Julie Gibbons

The Road to Radiance starts Oct 1st, 2014

Today's featured artist is Julie Gibbons.  I learned of her from Index Card a Day Challenge over at Tammy Garcia's Daisy Yellow.  While I am not a colorful person in appearance.  I beam with it in my art!  What I mean is I usually dress dark.. I don't wear anything fancy or bling-like as far as jewelry is concerned.  I do my best.. NOT to be seen. The only things of color you may see on me.. is an occasional ring or set earrings in blueish-purple/deep purple..  Purple is a symbol of my personal powers within.  What that is.. I don't know. lol   Which leads to my constant inquisitive numerous queries about goddesses, the cosmos, gemstones and mandalas. I have always been drawn to people who also like those things even before I knew those things about them.  Julie Gibbons is one of those people. The first time I saw a green face and purples eyes.. or vice versa.. I had to know more about her art.  Then I saw a mandala.. I was hooked!  I am not usually good with names, but she was one of those people... I knew I needed to know more about!  So happy to see her included in this powerhouse collective as she is also a allstar for me!  Here is also a Mandala I did with Julie's pdf..  I have to take one of courses soon.. Wish it was this one.. with everyone else!!

Learn more about the Road to Radiance here
My mandala from Julie's pdf.. 

Here's Julie's Bio

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 11.03.58 AM
Hello creative friend. I’m Julie Gibbons : artful self-discovery guide. What that really means isthat I share artful techniques to help women invoke the creative magic they need to discover their whole, true and best self. I combine art and journal therapy with the psychology of self to tap into soul wisdom and experience personal growth, healing and transformation and am a wee bit obsessed by mandala magic!
I’m based in bonnie Scotland and work from home alongside my internet entrepreneurbhusband and free-range, home-educated teenage son.
I’d love to connect with you online : Website | Facebook | YouTube

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  1. you have been doing a great job sharing the info for this workshop. I pray you win a seat.


    1. Thank you Jamie! Me too.. I just don't have the money to outright pay for it or I would.. :) GL to you too if you are sharing as well.. :)