Monday, November 3, 2014

DecoArt Media Line Acrylics

This picture I began by writing a letter to myself..  A letting go.. of yet another person.  I dislike when it happens, but when you don't consider other people and how you can affect them. Eventually you will get tired.. and care less.. then slowly walk away.  

On the artsy part..   I told myself I would no longer use actual brown in my pictures anymore.  So whenever you see it, with me.. 9 times out 10.. it's a conscious combination of colors.  I used my media line fluid acrylics and after gessoing over my letter.. they were applied.  I used the tinting base to add and give variations of the colors.. mainly a magenta, a blue and a green.  To create this brown.. I did an orange and a drop of the ultramarine blue.. I did this skin tone 3-4 times.. it was too light.. then too dark.. then too streaky.. I just hoped i would ruin the image I had in my head.

I put it down.. and come back.. and I finally had something I was pleased with.  Deco Art's Media Line acrylics are fluid.  They are highly pigmented.. not sure if I can emphasize that enough.  When adding the tinting base.. I am able to not only stretch the life of my acrylics by allowing a little more drying time.. I am also able to play with the lighter hues of the color.  Anywho.. this is the picture I created...

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  1. This is such an amazing journal page, Tamiko! I'm sorry for the reason behind it, but it's amazing non the less. You are sooo talented.