Monday, November 3, 2014

Deco Art Media Line Acrylics and Mediums, #100faces

A friend mentioned to me the idea of #100faces.. It seems like a lot, but it isn't really!  If I work up the courage to share all the faces I create, I am sure I would exceed it!  Faces are something I practice, pretty much weekly.  I do not like to draw the more realistic versions.  I prefer cartoonish type figures, unless I am sketching.  When I sketch you are bound to see it all.  From bold deep dark lines.. to scribbles, cross hatching and side pencil shadings.

Today I am sharing a picture I created over the weekend. I started out with wet watercolor paper and some watercolor crayons by Stamp It Up. I sprayed the paper with water and just scribbled color on it.  Simple as it sounds.  Then I took my Deco Arts Media Line Acrylics and loosely scribbled features on the page.. I am using the term scribble more because of Dina Wakley.  In her radiance faces lesson and in her book Art Journal Freedom she refers to some of her drawings as Scribbles.  I can get with a scribble..  (smiles)  I love loosely creating images. Imperfectly creating images.  Setting the viewer up for what I call..The eye dance.  Giving the viewer a reason to question, if the artist meant to do this.. or wonder if there is a bit of an illusion and perhaps a image was somehow formed that is more than visable as a face.

For me.. I liked the idea of the loose scribble and I used it.  To me pictures like this are freeing.  No expectations.. No need for perfection.  No real accountability of size or shape.  Anywho.. let me post my picture..


  1. Wow this is a dark side of art. I like it you are doing great on the 100 faces.
    Bloggers love being facebooked to you.

  2. I really like this, I think that we should explore all sides of our art and it is about being free without any expectations. Where are you in the 100 faces or have you just started, going to explore more of your blog!