Thursday, July 14, 2016

In the name of the..... Cross/Rememberance project

Today I decided I really wanted to work on this cross picture tray and get some new color on it.  My intent is to give it as a gift to someone I know may be having a hard time right now.  Like me.. her favorite color is purple.  She has never really experienced any of my art, so i wanted to be something special.  Worse case scenario, if don't love it enough to gift it, I'll have a new cross to put on my wall for reflection and prayer.  (tee hee)!  I furst covered the cross with Deco Art Media Line Gesso, which is very smooth going on. 

After that I took several of Deco Americana acrylics and did a super dry brush of colors.  The I even went back over the piece with a napkin to remove some still dampened areas of paint.  What to do.. WHat to do???

Thats the best part about arting everyday.   I can walk away from this project and find something else completely to do!  Not quite sure how I would embellish this, or even sure what scripture to include.  Hopefully something will come to me soon.. 

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