Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Have you ever...

Have you ever created UGLY ART..  No real reason.. other than.. I will just sit here.. and put paint on a piece of paper. Maybe doodle. Maybe a little pen and marker work yanno.. I'm not making a picture, but I've drawn flowers and suns and hearts and leaves..

Its relaxing and with no real expectations art is created.  You won't always like what you create, but the fact that you keep on going.. and going.. means.. hmm.. that you have no intentions on giving up... Thats just my opinion.. my ramble of the day.. lolol

Shoulda taken step out pics, but sometimes.. typing and playing on a page and showing you the final piece is enough. I mean, Im not creating for YOU.. as much as I am CREATING.. FOR ME... (tee hee)

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