Thursday, May 1, 2014

Watercolor Cards- Koi 24

 Today I am posting some cards I finally got a chance to finish!  They are some water color painted cards, with all original artwork done by yours truly! Ha! I think they came out cute, although I can think of dozens of ways to improve the next batch!  I only did eight!  I will concentrate on eight at a time!  Don't ask why, because I don't know! LOL  No really.. it's not as intimidating as perhaps a dozen might be/sound ?  Ok that works for me!

I know it would be better if I was doing 12-15 at  a time, it's easier to divide and small gift sets to dispense to friends and family that forever always want a card!  I just hope that the people who get my cards, aren't so super quick to throw them away!  It doesn't take me 3 minutes to whip it together! ::shrug::  Many of these cards were inspired by Tracy Weinzapfel.  She got my me to using my first watercolors, feeling comfortable behind a brush and using my own drawing capabilities as images.  You don't have to be a Fine Artist, to be a well learned, skilled and disciplined artist!  Forever thankful for that!!

With these cards I used my Koi 24-color pan water color set.  I love them!  The colors are very vibrant and you don't have to be an expert watercolorists (yep its a word today!) to use them and make pretty pictures.  I know with practice, I will only get better and I have plenty of time and room for both!!  (smile)  I also used my Pitt pen by Faber Castell, Sakura Sensai ,Identipen, or  a Deco Arts acrylic pen for all my black writing and details. My Sharpie (water based), a Faber Castell Pitt pen, a Deco Art paint pen and Unibal Signo gel pen provided me with additional markings I needed in white. (big smiles)

Thanks for looking... :)

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