Sunday, January 12, 2014

Mixed Media Card #1 & #2

In 2014 I said I would FOCUS on doing the kind of art that made me happy. That now includes creating  mixed media cards!  What's a mixed media card you might wonder? Well a mixed media card is card consisting of  more then one artistic technique or medium compiled to create one piece of art. It gives an artist an opportunity to showcase an ability to display their eye for good color and maybe show a love for texture. :)

I love both cards..
Both cards had my Deco Arts Neon Acrylics paints applied after I did some underwriting to Greg aka PapaBear.. lol  I love my Neon colors.  Wish there were more!!  Love my Brick stencil by The Crafters Workshop.. Anyway, TFS

1 comment:

  1. I just love your mixed media card, they remind me of the beautiful street graffiti that I see on the sides of buildings. You need to develop a signature "tag" to go on the bricks. That technique is actually in one of my books I am currently reading! waving hi from the sunny hills of North Carolina ♥