Wednesday, January 15, 2014

DecoArt Neons.. Acrylic Paint Spray?

This weeks I had to try something different.  I had to try to make my own sprays!  I love bright colors and frankly, you cannot get any brighter than DecoArt's NEON acrylics.  The come in a Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink and Orange!  I love them all!  I had a few of those misters by Ranger.. so I tried to make a  spray of my own!  Check out my photos.. :)

Decided to try first with only the primary colors.. red.. blue.. and yellow..
I think where I messed up is using only 50% Alcohol.. I should have used something with a higher percentage... hmmm!!

\Here I just placed a small amount of paint in the bottoms of each bottle.. a really small amount!

Then I added the alcohol to each bottle.. remembering to leave room for the top and sprayer.. so the alcohol would not spill over the edges of the bottle.  After you make sure it is tight.. you shake , shake and shake!!  This is where I think if I had a stronger alcohol maybe the paint would have broken up a little better??  Either way.. it did ok!!

Hey some folks like drips.. some folks like controlled drippage!  My sprays didn't come out much like mist, but that's nothing changing the bottle wouldn't fix!!.. I was still pleased with the strength of the color and the quickness of the drying, which is why I picked alcohol in the first place!  Just make sure you are in a well ventilated room or outside when you do this.. :)  I didn't get a bunch of fumes.. but I feel like I should say that.  This is all I did with this page.. I am saving that for another post.. :-)

Thanks for looking!!!


  1. Love your experimentation and sharing the results with us!

  2. wonderful artwork--
    I am worried about no faces.. I came from the
    29 faces challenges... seems to be the wrong link I followed.....

    And another little problem
    Would be better you would turn off the "captcha" verification word -
    Martha has set a link how to do this on the blog....look there for help-
    it drives me crazy and costs much time to write this extra words...