Tuesday, May 21, 2013

May's Creative Dare (2nd entry)

May's Creative Dare with Tracy Weinzapfel

May's Creative Dare:
The Creative Dare is to write a letter to you.  Write a letter to the infant you, toddler you, teenager you, etc.  Think back to how far you have come and not where you wish you were.  Give yourself praise for the path you have taken.  You can read Tracy's letter HERE.
 She dares you to incorporate the following elements from her Sponsor:  Faber Castell Design Memory Craft (not required to participate) 

This one I will begin with a letter to myself.. 

Dear Meko

Seems funny to write myself, but here I go.  Meko there are a lot of things that are going on with you right now.  I will not go back in the past too far, because it is what it is.  Be proud that you are moving forward.

I know three months after your 40th birthday you had weight loss surgery.  You are currently down 115lbs from you heaviest weight ever!! (38lbs on your own and 77lbs since surgery)!!  (INSERTING BIG CHEESY SMILE FOR YOU HERE)!!  While you still may have a ways to go.. YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT TRACK!!  The tools that you have acquired will do nothing but aid and support all of your endeavors to be healthier for YOU, YOUR DAUGHTER and YOUR FAMILY! You have a very supportive community of people around you that want to see you do nothing but succeed!

Three days after you had WLS you were surprised with the gift of life yet again, but on your mother's birthday of all days!! :-)   You received an ICD from Boston Scientific. After a series of fainting spells, it was determined you needed a pacemaker with a defibrillator.  You have learned that it takes patience and the body must heal at it's own speed and not a book, a doctor or a therapist can tell you how you feel physically, but they can help you understand why you feel the way you do... sometimes ((LBVS!!))  You have always known to listen to your body and your body speaks back to you, don't forget that!

Your family is important to you, Can't say it enough, can't scream it LOUD enough.. but hopefully they know it.. but if they don't.. they should!  They have always provided for you and supported you and with with Brook, as you would them any anyone they truly loved.  Your family is not an emotional bunch, although you are.. It's OK to tell them YOU LOVE THEM even if the moment proves mushy!!  It's YOU!!  Brook is a combination of you all. lol Please continue to show her the love and support that you know she needs and deserves as your child.. and a child of God.  She calls you Miko (so does everyone else!!) but she knows who her Mommy is!!Continue to gather information about your CREATIVE YOU there may be a way to combine your love of anything artsy and your intense longing to feel alive, eat well and share the wealth through a healthier lifestyle// from inside out!!

Most importantly.. Continue to be you.. people won't always like your methods, but if in your heart.. in ALL you do.. is with GOOD INTENTION.. your conscious and GOD are really the ONLY ones you have to ultimately answer to

Loving you always and forever with infinite hugs and kisses as you need them... 



  1. Oh my, this letter is awesome! Congratulations on losing all that weight, that is an awesome accomplishment! I love the colors of your journal page, so bright and cheery, just like YOU!

    1. Rarely check for responses.. so I was shocked to see so many.. Thanks for taking the time to read.. :-) Thank you Very much Sandee!!

  2. Well heck Tamiko ... you should have warned the tissues needed to be handy! lol (((hugs))) Girl, you are a wonder!! Clearly, God is blessing you in every way, honey, and I've no doubt He will continue to bless you as you seek His path for your life. I'm so glad He put your path in a movement that crossed with mine! (((hugs)))

    1. Awww thanks Von.. I feel the same way my friend!! ((hugs)) :-) Thank you so much!

  3. Nice letter, and congrats on your WLS, I am considering the surgery myself. Anyway, beautiful letter, and beautiful page, to match the beautiful person you are. :)
    Melissa D

    1. Thank you so much Melissa!! Surgery is a super slow process.. but it is probably one of the best choices I ever to make for myself.. please don't hesitate to ask me anything, if you have questions.. only questions that are dumb.. are the ones folks refuse to ask.. :-) Thank you for the compliments.. I appreciate them.. :-D!!