Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May's Ceative Dare #3

May's Creative Dare:
The Creative Dare is to write a letter to you.  Write a letter to the infant you, toddler you, teenager you, etc.  Think back to how far you have come and not where you wish you were.  Give yourself praise for the path you have taken.  You can read Tracy's letter HERE.
 She dares you to incorporate the following elements from her Sponsor:  Faber Castell Design Memory Craft (not required to participate) 

Below is a 3rd entry for May's creative Dare.. This was another letter I decided to write to my adult self.. I chose not to share it.. because while it might have been inspirational to me.. It was still very private still.. So I did a technique that one of my Facebook buddies from Mixed Media Mondays suggested in a post.. Dina gave a article that suggested writting a letter to yourself.. then doing the artwork over the letter.. if you look closely.. that's exactly what I did. I wrote a letter to myself.. then cover the letter in a thin white acrylic.. that you could see quite a bit of the letter in.  I did a few layers of watercolor crayons to cover the the original letter which was done in archival ink of a micron pen.  Then I drew a picture of a woman wearing a wearing a crown.. with a lil doodling in her crown and some stickles in her hair.  My letter was to remind myself.. to Always wear my invisible crown..  I chose to spell invisible- invisable to also remind myself how much more CAPABLE and ACCOUNTABLE I am making myself of things..


  1. Love it, Tamiko! I respect you for being willing to put your most private down ... and then using a creative way to keep it private. ((hugs)) Your lady is fabulous honey ... just like you! XOXO