Wednesday, July 17, 2013

FIND YOUR VOICE Lesson 2- Part 2

Who am I? I am an introvert, until I feel comfortable around you.  Then I let my hair down, the little I have left, lol.. I become a Good Girl, lol!  In the best way.. :-)

                                                                                                                                    Who hasn't been in love? Felt like they have been a fool for someone? Even for a little while?   Each experience has been  different. I have learned to not be afraid of love even if who I chose to love, isn't capable of reciprocating the same type of love I need. People show love differently.. Some with words of affirmation, some through acts of service, some by receiving gifts, some physically, and some through quality time spent.. If you don't show love the same way. You need to determine if your partner needs to come to your side or you to theirs..  Or it can be an epic fail. 
 When I got sick for a while.. I scared not just me.. but my family and friends.  I had three major surgeries in twenty-four days.  Two on my heart.   I still have some serious changes to make. I've lost over 125lbs. Still much more to go.. I'm doing my art.. it makes me happy.. Almost as happy as being able to keep up with my daughter..  Anyway... Who knew it would come with theme music.. lol. Appropriate too. The second one comes with a touch of humor.. :-)


  1. (((Tamiko))) you have lived a lot of serious life in those young years of yours, honey. God bless you and keep you just as you are ... only healthier and happier! Love you, sweetie!!