Monday, March 2, 2015

Helmar DT Teaser.. StarBook

Good Day All!  Here in the United States we are experiencing winter time and frankly I am tired of it! (smiles)  We have quite a bit of snow and the cold temps mean, it won't melt anytime soon!  In the meantime I have got to transplant myself into something that makes me happy!  I looked around my room and I decided I would play with something that had been hoarding.  ::hangs head low::  I just love these papers by Susan K Weckesser .. they make me happy!  With them, i decided I would create a star book!

I cut my papers in sets of 6.  4x6in; 4x7in; and 4x8in.  I then got out my Helmar's Craft & Hobby PVA Glue and lined up each of the 3 pages and glued the edges on the 4 inch sides only.starting with the longest sheet (4x8) and ending with the shortest sheet (4x6)


Since the 4x6 pages are the decorated card stock I decided to add some cool *color and bloom* related quotes and fussycut some of the flowers. I wanted my quotes to attach quickly because I didn't decorate the page BEFORE I attached it to the book (kicks myself) so I used Helmar's Super-Tac Glue to embellish the pages quickly.  Then I wanted to decorate cover and add a fibrous ribbon for closure.  I used my Helmar's ZapDots to add dimension the title page.

I am sure as my daughter and I sit back and read the quotes.. We will embellish the book further with faces, paints and doodles because, that's what we do.  We complete books together.  We make up our own stories and use these dreary wintry spring starved days like today to remind us color still exist within us.. :)    Would love for you to check out my finished project by CLICKING HERE and leaving me a bloggy love to know you came by.. I would also like to do the same for you!!

Thanks for dropping by!!!  Have a great week!

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  1. Wondering if you and BK have had a chance to draw in it yet? Would love to see it fully designed!